Back to Basics

Is anyone else sick of bloggers and influencers? She types onto her blog. Yeah it's a bit of a contradiction but my teeny, tiny blog that doesn't get a lot of views is very different than a blog that gets hundreds and thousands of views. Now don't get me wrong, it's amazing that people can … Continue reading Back to Basics

Harry Potter Readathon

I haven't read Harry Potter in years! I remember going to the midnight releases with my sister every time a new book would come out. Now that it's been twenty years since the first Harry Potter book came out I wanted to do a readathon and read the series again as an adult. I know … Continue reading Harry Potter Readathon

July wrap up

My number one passion in life is books. I could talk about books all day. Sometimes I talk about stories and fictional characters so much that I embarrass myself. I love stories and character development. I love reading it, watching it on TV and I love experiencing it in real life. In July I read … Continue reading July wrap up