Unfinished stories

When I start a new book, I hope to myself within the first few pages that I will fall in love with the words in front of me. I hope that the story grips me and the adventure that is unfolding in front of me will keep me entertained until the end, but that is … Continue reading Unfinished stories

The start of a literature love affair 

One of the first books I remember buying was the Sisters Grimm by Michael Buckly. I remember buying it with my dad years and years ago. The Sisters Grimm started my love affair with literature.  Vampire Stories, don't deny it, we all loved them! I still listen to the Twilight movie soundtracks weekly. Twilight was … Continue reading The start of a literature love affair 


Lately  everything seems like a race. It's a race to get into a relationship first, to get your degree first, a race to get your dream job, a race to start driving first and get a nice car first, a race to move out first. Everyone is racing against everyone else to do everything first. … Continue reading First!