It’s only rock and roll but I like it

The Rolling Stones mean the world to me. They hold a very special place in my heart. I grew up listening to them with my dad. They are his favourite band, they're my favourite band. When I was in 6th year my dad told me I could either go to my debs or I could … Continue reading It’s only rock and roll but I like it


Is it possible to be successful without a college education? Everywhere I look people are talking about college. It's all anyone talks about. It's like everyone is in a competition to see who is the most stressed, the most tired, who has more work and more assignments to do. What happens after college? What happens … Continue reading College?


Lately ¬†everything seems like a race. It's a race to get into a relationship first, to get your degree first, a race to get your dream job, a race to start driving first and get a nice car first, a race to move out first. Everyone is racing against everyone else to do everything first. … Continue reading First!

Comfort Zone

My comfort zone is just that, my comfort zone. I have a routine. I do more or less the same thing every day. Yes, it gets boring, I get fed up, but it's my comfort zone. I know exactly what to expect. As I get older my fear for the unknown gets worse. I overthink … Continue reading Comfort Zone


Today I stayed in bed until one o'clock because I could not find the motivation to get up. I didn't want to face another day where I was floating. That's what I'm doing, I'm floating around, watching everyone around me achieve their goals, get to where they want to be and here I am, watching … Continue reading Floating