Harry Potter Readathon Update

I'm still enjoying my Harry Potter readathon so much! I'm onto the Goblet of Fire and I'm enjoying every second of it. When I was in Copenhagen I was reading The Chamber of Secrets and I couldn't pass up the chance to take photos of the book when it looked like I was in Hogwarts. … Continue reading Harry Potter Readathon Update

Almost Love by Louise O’Neill Review

Have you considered our lord and savoir Louise O'Neill? Because her first adult fiction novel Almost Love came out on March 1st and I really think you should convert to the Louise O'Neill religion... cult maybe If you know me you'll know I love Louise so much. SO MUCH! I spent March 1st, probably wrecking … Continue reading Almost Love by Louise O’Neill Review

Harry Potter Readathon

I haven't read Harry Potter in years! I remember going to the midnight releases with my sister every time a new book would come out. Now that it's been twenty years since the first Harry Potter book came out I wanted to do a readathon and read the series again as an adult. I know … Continue reading Harry Potter Readathon

January wrap up

One month into 2018 and how is everyone getting on with their reading challenge? I want to read twenty four books this year, two every month. I know it's not a lot but sometimes it's hard to fit in just one book. Last year I didn't read a lot, but I've already read three books … Continue reading January wrap up

Turtles All The Way Down

Turtles All The Way Down... What happened John Green? I'll tell you what happened... Nothing. Nothing happened. This book was 286 pages of nothing. I struggled to pick it up and every time I did I could only last a few pages without being bored to death. Now before the John Green fangirls come at … Continue reading Turtles All The Way Down

Unfinished stories

When I start a new book, I hope to myself within the first few pages that I will fall in love with the words in front of me. I hope that the story grips me and the adventure that is unfolding in front of me will keep me entertained until the end, but that is … Continue reading Unfinished stories

The start of a literature love affair 

One of the first books I remember buying was the Sisters Grimm by Michael Buckly. I remember buying it with my dad years and years ago. The Sisters Grimm started my love affair with literature.  Vampire Stories, don't deny it, we all loved them! I still listen to the Twilight movie soundtracks weekly. Twilight was … Continue reading The start of a literature love affair