Ice-Cream Tour of London

London is one of my favourite cities in the world. Any excuse to go there, I go. So when one of my favourite bands, Panic! at the Disco announced that they would be playing there and it was my boyfriend’s birthday in the same month it was a no brainer – Hello London!

We got so lucky with the weather, it was beautiful for the whole weekend we were there so of course we spent our time eating ice-cream.

Our first stop was Millk Train in Covent Garden. Ice-cream with candy floss? Yes! It was messy but it was worth it.

Our second stop on the ice-cream tour of London was Soft Serve Society in Boxpark Shoreditch. This place has loads of different toppings and if you’re a coffee lover, you should try the Espresso Yourself. It’s really good.

Between ice-cream shops we went to a lot of Harry Potter shops. What’s a trip to London without making it a Harry Potter trip? House of Minalima was definitely my favourite and a must go for any Potter fan. I wanted to buy everything.

Panic! at the Disco were incredible, of course. Brendon Urie has a god given talent. I’ve loved Panic for the guts of ten years and to see how far they’ve come is amazing. (It also made me feel kind of old seeing how young everyone else was there ha!)

While in London we also went to a west end show. I was blown away by how amazing Aladdin was. I was smiling the whole time and I think everyone came out of the theatre happy – a disney musical on the west end, how could you not be happy?

After a brilliant weekend in a brilliant city it was time to head home, but not before picking up a Weasley jumper at the 9 3/4 shop in Kings Cross. I really do make every trip Harry Potter themed.

Are you planning a trip to London or anywhere else? I would love to know!

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