Asking For It on Stage

I first read Asking For It when it we published in 2015. I loved it. It changed my life, it made me think about things differently, this book and Louise herself has been a big part of my twenty’s so far. She was the first female Irish writer that I really felt like I connected to. I have followed Louise ever since reading her first book Only Ever Yours and with every book she has shocked and inspired me. I crave to write like her, with brutal honesty, no fear of judgement.

Last week I went to see the stage adaption of Asking For It. When it ended there were tears streaming down my face. My heart was breaking for the main character Emma. I wanted to run to her and hug her. When the lights went up I couldn’t look up. I was hanging my head in sheer heartbreak for Emma and all the woman like her.

My heart was broken for all the woman in Ireland that are just like Emma. These women have to wake up every day and remember what they lived though, remember how their country let them down. Being a woman in Ireland means being treated like a second class citizen and the women of Ireland are sick and tired of it. We did a great thing by repealing the eight amendment but we still have a long way to go.

This play forces it’s viewer’s to look at the way they’re treating their fellow people. How we are treating our mother’s, sister’s, daughter’s and every single girl in this country. Asking For It not only pulled at everyone’s heart that night, it ripped it right from the chests of the people sitting in the theatre.

The show is sold out but if you can somehow manage to get tickets I urge you to. If you haven’t read the book, read it! Talk about it! If you have read the book, keep talking about it. Keep the conversation going.

Thank you Louise, for being brave, being true and telling the stories that need and deserve to be told.

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