The Rolling Stones in London

Two Rolling Stones concerts in the space of a week!! One in Dublin, one in London.

2018-06-01 106761475664828788956..jpg

Last week I was in my favortite city London, to see my favourite band, The Rolling Stones. I met a guy at the concert when I was sitting outside waiting for the doors to open. He was in his seventies and he was sitting by himself. He was decked out in Rolling Stones merch, hat, tshirt, jewellery. I sat down beside him and he seen my tattoo of Keith Richards and he thought it was really cool! He asked me could he take a photo of it and of course I said yes!!

He spoke in a thick New York accent. He told me he had to persuade the nurses in the hospital he was staying in to let him travel to London to see the Rolling Stones. He said this concert would be his 82nd Rolling Stones concert. 82 Rolling Stone concerts! That’s amazing!! He dedicated his life to this band. He told me The Rolling Stones were the only band that never broke his heart. They never let him down. He said he loves coming to see them because they bring people together and make people happy.

That’s that what concerts are all about? Making people happy?

I hope my friend enjoyed The Rolling Stones in London as much as I did! I hope he sang at the top of his lungs and I hope he savourued every second of it, just like I did. There might be a 50 or so age gap between me and this man but we both love the same band. We both feel the power that music has over people. The Rolling Stones brought us together for, it might only have been 10 minutes but I’ll never forget talking to him. I’ll never forget the lobe he had for the band that I love just as much!

I think that’s amazing!

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