Dear fear, I’m going on a trip with creativity. I know you’ll tag along, you always do.

In April I went to Edinburgh with one of my best friends. It was such a fun trip and the holiday blues are still so real! We laughed so much, got lost because Google maps didn’t know where our hotel was, and stalked J.K Rowling’s old writing spots.

It was such a jump out of my comfort zone to be travelling without my boyfriend, as much as I hate to admit it. I’m so used to having him beside me. Getting out of my comfort zone is not something I do a lot. That’s bad I know, but I’ve become so used to my routine and my day to day life that I there’s not much that takes place outside of my comfort zone.

Spending quality time with one of my best friends was amazing. It’s scary getting older because it’s hard losing friends but sometimes you meet someone and you know you’ll be stuck with them forever. Real friends like this don’t care about how often you see them, or how many times I day you text. It’s nice knowing that no matter how long we go without talking, once we meet up it’s like that time apart never happened.

Finding someone who loves all the same things you do is a gift! Someone who loves to spend hours in bookstores, will drink just as much coffee as you will and will get out of bed at 3am to drive to the airport with you is someone you have to hold on to forever! (Not to mention someone who loves to sleep just as much)

All in all, my two days in Edinburgh with one of my closest friends was amazing. We laughed so much, lived our best Harry Potter lives and I wish I could relive it all over again! Emma is the Ron to my Harry, the Fred to my George. And who said a Slytherin and a Hufflepuff couldn’t be friends?

Here’s some nice pictures of Edinburgh for your viewing pleasure.

Happy traveling

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