Back to Basics

Is anyone else sick of bloggers and influencers? She types onto her blog. Yeah it’s a bit of a contradiction but my teeny, tiny blog that doesn’t get a lot of views is very different than a blog that gets hundreds and thousands of views.

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s amazing that people can make a living off a job that didn’t exist ten years ago. What bothers me is how a lot of bloggers and influencers complain about their position in social media. They complain that they don’t get any downtime from work and how they don’t have weekends because they work so much. They talk about being so busy with different brand deals and how they have no time to themselves. They said their too busy for holidays because they never stop working yet they get sent on trips to the Maldives with top make up brands. How can posting a photo of a mascara you’re paid to promote be a lot of work?

I don’t understand how half the people we watch and read online went to college and got degrees in something completely different to only give up on a career they were probably very passionate about to start talking about what they bought in primark each week.

I’m sick of the moany instragram stories about being too anxious to leave the house and how being in the public eye takes a lot out of them. Calm down love, you’re not Taylor Swift.

You’re probably thinking “Oh she’s just jealous.” Sure, watching these people get book deals when they’ve probably never even read a book before is enough to make my stomach clench into a ball of rage, but I want to be a writer because I love stories and books and writing. It’s my passion, my love. I don’t write because I want to make a lot of money. I write because it’s the driving force of my life.

Today I did a declutter of a lot of bloggers, youtubers and influencers that I follow. I went through my lift and clicked unfollow to a lot of them. Maybe not forever, but for right now, my head is too fogged up with #ads and primark hauls to even think straight. We all get so caught up in posting the perfect instagram photo that we forget to look around us. I’m done comparing my life to someone who spends 40 minutes editing a photo to make their legs look skinnier.

I didn’t unfollow every blogger, some of them don’t shove being an infleuencer down everyone’s throats and are actually bearable.  Maybe I’ll press the follow button on the ones I did leave behind, when I can think straight and know what real life looks like again.

blog signoff

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