Almost Love by Louise O’Neill Review

Have you considered our lord and savoir Louise O’Neill? Because her first adult fiction novel Almost Love came out on March 1st and I really think you should convert to the Louise O’Neill religion… cult maybe


If you know me you’ll know I love Louise so much. SO MUCH! I spent March 1st, probably wrecking her head because I was tweeting her so much. Bless her little heart she put up with me.

I somehow managed to get a proof copy of Almost Love and I devoured it. I finished it in a couple of hours, I couldn’t put it down. It lives up to all the hype you are seeing about it, I promise. Every good review for this book has been earned. It’s a master piece of obsessive love. Louise is a master at her craft, cutting through every emotion of love and heart ache so finely you feel as if it’s happening to you.

I only hope that one day I will have an ounce of the talent Louise has. Her young adult novels “Only Ever Yours” and “Asking For It” are the ones I have to thank for planting the idea firmly in my head that I could actually be a writer. So I urge you to trek through the snow to buy Almost Love, I promise you it won’t disappoint and you will understand why I’m so obsessed with this woman.

This copy is a lovely uncorrected proof so it has a different cover than the finished edition. Once the snow clears and I can make it out of my drive way in one piece I’ll be picking up the finished edition.

2018-03-03 062134918911..jpg

(Any chance of a proof of The Surface breaks, Louise? Please? Love you)

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