Good Morning Copenhagen

My travel blues are hitting me hard. I’m home from Copenhagen a week now and I miss it so much. It was such an amazing holiday and I already want to go back! Everything was so picturesque and perfect. I fell in love with Nyhavn (those cute colourful houses) and I wanted to sit with the little mermaid all day.

I took about a million photos, drank hundreds of cups of coffee, ate so many unhealthy things and enjoyed every second of it. It was such a relaxing few days away. Copenhagen is such a chilled out city, everyone is just going about their day, no one is rushing around and everyone is so nice.

If you’re looking for a few days away somewhere I would highly recommend Copenhagen. There’s so much to do and see. Anytime I go anywhere I love the hop on – hop off buses. You see everything you want to see and stuff you didn’t even know was there. It’s also a great way to get around the city because the buses run so often. There’s commentary on all the buses so anywhere you are, you can listen to the history and facts about the city.

We also did a canal tour. Any time I’m anywhere that I can go on a boat or be near the water I am all about it. I love being near water and Copenhagen was no exception. Amsterdam is my favorite city in Europe and Copenhagen is so similar so if you love Amsterdam you’ll more than likely love Copenhagen.

I took so many photos I’ll probably be posting a million more on my Instagram. I just love the place!!

Happy traveling!

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