New Years Day


I know I know! I’m being one of those annoying people that says they’re gonna write on their blog more because it’s the new year but I’m actually going to try. If I’m being honest, writing has scared me for a while. I build myself up so much that I’m a writer and everyone in my life knows I am and knows it’s what I want to do but I’m scared that I may not be as talented as everyone thinks I am… What if I’m actually shit at it…? LOL here I am questioning my life AGAIN!

Okay okay, let’s take a step back and calm ourselves. It’s 2018 and I have plans. Yes people I know – new year same old me. I’ve got a few ideas that I want to start working on soon and I’m excited.

During December I was very demotivated. My head was in a really bad space and I felt so much pressure from work and Christmas and trying to finish all my college work but low and behold, Christmas is over! I’m finished my course – with a distinction so I’m very pleased with myself. So really I have nothing holding me back from working on the projects I want to work on.

My reading in 2017 wasn’t great. I read some great books and I read some not great books. I set back up my GoodReads account and I’ve set myself a reading challenge – 24 books. Two books every month. It’s a reachable target. Add me on GoodReads here
I want to read more this year because that’s what I love to do. Books are my life. This blog is mostly about books, that’s why I set it up, to write about books. Let’s hope this motivation stays with me.

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