Unfinished stories

When I start a new book, I hope to myself within the first few pages that I will fall in love with the words in front of me. I hope that the story grips me and the adventure that is unfolding in front of me will keep me entertained until the end, but that is not always the case.

Some books I love within the first few pages. I’m excited to read them, I want to know more and other books I get half way though, I’m struggling to keep my attention locked on the characters and I have to force myself to finish the story.

Sometimes these are classic stories, tales as old as time, stories that have been told for years and years and loved my hundreds of people all over the world and sometimes they’re new stories, not living up to the hype.

As a reader, should I feel bad for not wanting to finish reading a novel? Or because it’s my hobby should I be able to come and go out of stories as I please? Falling in and out of love with characters, story lines and writers themselves. As a reader you grow attached to certain writers, savoir every word they write, but when a novel they write doesn’t reach the standards of their past work, should I give up on that book? Move on to the next one and hope for a better time?

I care so much about stories and words that I don’t like leaving books half read. I feel like I’ve given up, but reading shouldn’t feel like a chore for me. It’s been my love for as long as I can remember, should I force myself to finish the unloved story or try again and find a new story to fall into.

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